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Greater: Online Confirmation Retreat


Greater (an online Confirmation retreat) is now open and available for middle school and high schoolers in the Diocese of Honolulu! 

Learn more about Greater, email us

Program Overview.  If you are interested in having your youth participate in this online retreat, contact the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry FIRST.  

Here’s how it works:

  1. Direct your students/parents to this website: https://greaterretreat.com/honolulu.
  2. On the page, scroll down to the section (it’s orange) that says “Students” and then have them click sign up now.
  3. Once they complete the registration process, they can begin their retreat. They have 45 days to complete the retreat.  However, if they do it weekly, it should only take 30 days to complete. We can extend access to the retreat beyond the 45 days for an additional fee. 

Scope and Sequence


  1. The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry (OYYAM) has pre-purchased the spots for students (so you get a discount). Your parish will receive an invoice ($15 per student) once the student(s) has/have completed their retreat.
  2. When you decide that you want to go ahead and have your young people participate in the retreat, email the Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry.  At that point, you will be provided with a copy of the Adult Guide for each week, and Games to use for your small groups.  Note:  Parents will be able to download the adult guides themselves once the young person is registered for the retreat.  This is a great resource to share with their sponsor as well.