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Development: Ways to Give

Cash Gifts - Outright cash gifts are the most common form of giving, such as through ʻOhana in Christ, capital campaign or directly to your parish.  Your gift becomes immediately available to support important programs and services.  The donor will be credited with the full amount of his or her gift - which may be tax deductible.

Gifts of Appreciated Securities
- If you own long-term securities that have appreciated in value, you may prefer to contribute securities rather than cash.  In this way, there may be both capital gains and tax deduction benefits. Please contact Stewardship & Development for the proper form and specific stock transfer instructions.

Memorial and Tribute Giving
- Gifts in memory of deceased friends and loved ones - or gifts that honor living individuals - are gratefully accepted. Such contributions are often designated to reflect the special interests of the person honored.

Gifts of Real Estate
- Real property gifts will be accepted at the discretion of the Diocese after a review of all relevant factors. Understandably, this is because of the complexities and issues inherently involved.

- Your will is a meaningful way to make a charitable gift of lasting value.  Through a bequest provision, you can designate a specific amount of money, a percentage of your estate, or the balance of your estate after other bequests are satisfied.  Adding a codicil to an existing will is a simple process that begins by making your intentions known to your attorney.

For more information about wills and other planned giving options - as well as other gift opportunities and fund development for your parish, school or diocesan entity, please contact Stewardship & Development at (808) 203-6723 or click here to email.