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For many years, the Church has celebrated young people on Palm Sunday (in Rome) and on the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time (in the United States). At the end of Mass on the Solemnity of Christ the King in November 2020, Pope Francis called for a renewal of the celebration of young people in local churches. He also announced that beginning in 2021 he would transfer the diocesan celebration of young people from Palm Sunday to Christ the King Sunday. “The center of the celebration remains the Mystery of Jesus Christ the Redeemer of Man, as Saint John Paul II, the initiator and patron of World Youth Day, always emphasized.”[1]  In solidarity with the Holy Father and the universal church, the United States will also “celebrate God’s gift of youth and young adults every year on the Solemnity of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe (Christ the King Sunday).”[2] This year the date is November 21, 2021.

[1] Homily of Pope Francis, November 22, 2020

[2] Welcome Letter from the President of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops


We encourage our local churches to offer prayers and make special note of this celebration this year. A few resources are below:

Homily of Pope Francis, Christ the King Sunday, November 2020

(Vatican) Pastoral Guidelines for the Celebration of World Youth Day in the Particular Churches

(USCCB) National Pastoral Guidebook for the Global Celebration of Young People – full document

(USCCB) National Pastoral Guidebook for the Global Celebration of Young People – abbreviated

(USCCB) Christ the King Sunday Liturgical Guide