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The Diocesan Tribunal and
Office for Canonical Affairs

St. Stephen Diocesan Center
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Windward of the Pali tunnels

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The Diocesan Tribunal  is the court of the Diocese of Honolulu.  It handles petitions for declarations of marital nullity and other judicial causes that come before the bishop for adjudication.

The Office for Canonical Affairs promotes a greater understanding of the law of the Church (canon law) and helps assure that the provisions of canon law are implemented correctly and equitably.  It provides canonical advice, education and assistance to the bishop, diocesan and parish staff, religious orders and other Catholic institutions and associations, and the faithful of the diocese.

Declarations of Nullity:

To petition for a declaration of nullity based on a Defect of Consent using the Ordinary Process, click here This file has the preliminary investigation form, petition, and witness list for a formal cause seeking a declaration of marital nullity.  You can fill in the form on the computer, print it out, and bring it to your parish priest or deacon in the Diocese of Honolulu whom you would like to serve as your procurator-advocate.  The priest or deacon completes the last page.  For more information on the steps of the process and grounds, click here.

Have you been asked to serve as a witness  for a Honolulu diocese marriage nullity cause? Click here for a witness form. You can type the form on the computer, print, sign, and mail to Tribunal.  You can also scan and email the form to us, although it must include your signature.

To petition for a declaration that a marriage was not binding due to a Lack of Canonical of Form, click here This petition is only for a marriage involving one or two Catholics, if not before a priest or deacon and two witnesses, and if no dispensation from canonical form is granted by the bishop. This applies only to Catholics. It does not require the ordinary nullity process. Only documents proving that the marriage took place outside the Catholic Church without a dispensation and without ever being validated are necessary.

Marriage Services:

Provided by the Office for Canonical Affairs:

Catholic Engaged Encounter:

Hawaii Engaged Encounter On-line Registration

Marriage Manual:

The following are the documents and forms included in the Diocese of Honolulu Marriage Manual:

     List of Tabs

  1. Marriage Preparation Norms
  2. Prenuptial Investigation with Affidavits       Affidavit of Freedom to Marry
  3. Dispensations and Permissions                  Radical Sanation Petition
  4. How to Handle Prior Marriages
  5. Lack of Canonical Form
  6. Defect of Consent (Ordinary Process)
  7. Pauline Privilege

Initiation Resources:

Flow Chart for the Sacraments of Initiation

Norms for the Preparation for and Celebration of the Sacraments of Initiation and First Penance

Adult Initiation Inventory

Godparent/Sponsor Certification Form         Certificación para Padrinos y Madrinas

List of Churches and Ecclesial Communities with Valid Baptism

Other Documents:

Sacramental Register Instruction

Parish Finance Council Norms

Norms for Associations of the Faithful, Movements, Programs, and Other Organizations

Instruction Regarding Allegations of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Against Clerics

Decrees about Offerings for Sacraments, Funerals and Blessings and about Mass Offerings

Priest Personnel Norms

Instruction Regarding Sacraments and Funerals in Situations Involving Physician Assisted Suicide

Hawaii Catholic Advance Healthcare Directive (AHCD)

Very Reverend Mark J. Gantley, JCL
Judicial Vicar and Director of Canonical Affairs
Email Fr. Mark

Reverend Steve Nguyen, JCL
Promoter of Justice and Defender of the Bond
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Anne Kirby, JCL
Defender of the Bond

E. Roxanne Torres
Moderator of the Tribunal Chancery
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