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The Mission of the Office for Social Ministry (OSM) is to support parish efforts in living the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, which is the foundation of our Catholic faith that calls us to live the values of the gospel as modeled by Jesus Christ. OSM brings parish communities to a deeper understanding of their baptismal call linking their faith with action through works of charity and volunteerism. Office for Social Ministry believes that the mission for peace and justice can be realized through the following venues:

  • By identifying, supporting, and training leaders who will organize people and activities around three ministry areas of direct service:
  • By striving to establish ways of helping parishes integrate social ministry in all aspects of parish life so parishioners do not see the social mission of the Church as existing on the periphery, but imbedded in all that they do.
  • By helping parishes establish good communication systems that keep the entire parish ohana and community connected.
  • By creating formation opportunities to ensure that the social ministry work remains rooted in
    Scripture and Catholic Social Teaching.
  • By providing written, audio and video resources that support social ministry development in the parish.
  • By researching, planning and implementing specific programs that meet the needs of the poor and marginalized to include persons with disabilities and to advocate on their behalf.
  • By coordinating Catholic Relief Services and the Operation Rice Bowl for the diocese and providing staff to support the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

  • By networking with other diocesan offices in order to support each other and discover new ministry ideas and initiatives that respond to the social mission of Church and priorities delineated in Bishop's Road Map, Witness to Jesus. (internal link to Vision/Road Map 8.2)



Rev. Robert Stark, Director
TTY/Fax: 808.262.3728

Iwie Tamashiro, Parish Social Ministry Director
TTY/Fax: 808.262.3728 



St. Stephen Diocesan Center
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TTY/Fax: 808.262.3728