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Visiting Priests on Temporary Stay

This concerns priests who come to the diocese for a brief period without a prearranged or regular assignment for the purposes of a visit (not vacation), for study, to provide temporary supply, to give retreats, missions, workshops, etc...

  • Faculties and other privileges are granted according to the norms of Canon Law and the statues of the Diocese of Honolulu. These are granted only by the Bishop or his Vicar General. The normal procedure is to obtain these in writing. However, in emergencies, they can be granted verbally and confirmed by letter. (Note: the State of Hawaii requires a license to witness weddings.)
  • A visiting priest who stays in a parish house more than one month for purposes other than vacation must present himself to the Bishop, the Vicar General, or the Vicar for Clergy. Request for faculties must be made ahead of time, if possible. Further, they are to make their presence known upon arrival to the appropriate person (Vicar General, Vicar for Clergy or the Vicar Forane).
  • Clergy visiting less than a month must present to the local pastor their celebret or letter of suitability. 

Please contact Fr. Greg Honorio at ghonorio@rcchawaii.org or (808) 585-3348 for any questions pertaining to this matter.



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The Upper Room Crisis Hotline: 1 - (888) 808-8724, offers unique services that are not currently available to Priests, Deacons and Brothers at this time. Services include skilled listening, para-professional counseling, information and referral, suicide prevention and crisis intervention. Click here for brochure.