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Vision and Mission

A steadfast discipleship of Christ-bearers, guided by the Holy Spirit, unites those in prison with the Christian community in charity and justice.The Prison Ministry of the Diocese of Honolulu is mandated to call the Diocesan Community to an increased awareness and understanding of its responsibility to minister to prisoners as it is expressed in Scripture and the Church's teaching and Tradition; Provide practical leadership in the Diocesan Community's effort to respond to the needs of prisoners, released prisoners, their families and victims of crime.


This Ministry has the following objectives:

  • Raising awareness and providing (in)formation about prison ministry to the members of the Diocese.
  • Articulating the benefits of prison ministry for the life of the whole Diocesan community.
  • Organizing, mobilizing, networking of individuals and existing parish and Diocesan organizations, and by doing so, generate moral, spiritual and material (including financial) support for prison ministry.
  • Assisting prisoners and released prisoners, their families and victims of crime, through fostering healing relationships and creating welcoming communities for their reintegration.
  • Developing and implementing programmes and tools for prison ministry, which reflect the distinctly Catholic elements of our Christian faith and spirituality.
  • Calling forth new volunteers for Prison Ministry and providing them with adequate formation and support in their work.
  • Developing adequate formation programs and support systems. 
  • Collaborating with other prison ministry groups and organizations


Rev. Robert Stark
Director, Office for Social Ministry
Office: (808) 203-6734

Deacon Will Friese
Coordinator for Prison Ministry Volunteers
Cell:  (808) 386-7774


St. Stephen Diocesan Center
6301 Pali Highway
Kaneohe, HI 96744

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