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Diocesan Offices

Safe Environment - Child and Youth Protection

The Office of Safe Environment and Charter Compliance

The Office of Safe Environment and Charter Compliance is responsible for implementing and overseeing the full Diocesan response to the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People (The Charter). By providing online and in-person educational training programs, presentations and resource materials, we are able to assist church personnel in responding to the mandates of The Charter. In addition, this office organizes the annual audits required by The Charter and, with the offices of Human Resources, and Clergy, oversees background screening of adults whose duties include contact with minors, and the internal investigation process relating to child abuse allegations involving church personnel. 


Safe Environment Page Guide

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Kristin Leandro, LSW - Director
Email:  kleandro@rcchawaii.org
Phone: (808) 203-6719 


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Support and Services for Adults

The Victim Assistance Coordinator provides support and services for adult survivors of child sexual abuse by clergy, religious or church workers of the Diocese of Honolulu. The Victim Assistance Coordinator will provide:

  • An immediate and confidential meeting with the victim of abuse to assess personal needs and preferences for treatment.
  • Assistance in obtaining the services of mental health professionals trained in the area of sexual abuse victimization by qualified providers.
  • Assistance in providing or presenting your report to the Diocese of Honolulu, and arranging visits or meetings with  officials of the diocese so that they can act upon your report.
  • The coordination of any support services, resources or other services which directly enhance your ability to  maintain a level of emotional well-being, while maintaining contact with you throughout the counseling and healing process.


Chiyo Churchill, LMFT
Victim Assistance Coordinator

Email: chiyo.churchill@catholiccharitieshawaii.org
Phone: (808) 527-4604 


Catholic Charities Hawaii
1822 Keeaumoku Street
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Victim Assistance Brochures

Adult survivors of child sexual abuse by clergy, religious or church workers of the Diocese of Honolulu may receive support and services from the Victim Assistance Coordinator.  Click on a language below for more information. 

English (PDF)

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Ilocano (PDF)

Japanese (PDF)

Korean (PDF)

Pohnpeian (PDF)

Samoan (PDF)

Spanish (PDF)

Tagalog (PDF)

Tongan (PDF)

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