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Diocesan Offices

Permanent Deacons

"The deacon is the Sacrament of Service." Bishop Larry Silva

Deacon Michael Weaver, as Director of Permanent Deacons, serves at the pleasure of the Bishop as his representative for the overall administration of the Deacon Community in the areas of ministry and continuing formation, both educational and spiritual. Deacon Weaver is in active service at St. Anthony of Padua Church in Kailua.

Deacon Michael Weaver
Director of Permanent Deacons
(808) 542-2084




About Permanent Deacons 

The office and ministry of the permanent deacon is a distinctive vocation in the Catholic Church. Although the diaconate is an ordained ministry of the Church, it is a different ministry from that of priests.

Deacons are ordained into a ministry of service, and enjoy a special relationship with the bishop. The permanent diaconate provides a “greater and more direct presence of Church ministers in the various spheres of the family, work, school, etc., in addition to existing pastoral structures,” according to Pope John Paul II.

If you are interested in becoming a permanent deacon, visit our web pages for Deacon Formation or call Deacon John Coughlin, Co-Director, Office of Permanent Deacon Formation at (808) 203-6729 or jcoughlin@rcchawaii.org.

Deacon Council

Deacon Raffy Mendoza, Chair
Deacon Sandor Herzandez-Morales, Vice Chair
Mrs. Anne Kane, Secretary

Ex Officio
Most Rev. Clarence (Larry) Silva

Rev. Gregorio Honorio, Vicar for Clergy
  Office of Clergy

Deacon Michael Weaver, Director
  Permanent Deacons

Deacon John Coughlin, Co-Director,
  Office of Permanent Deacon Formation 

Kathleen Coughlin, Co-Director,
  Office of Permanent Deacon Formation

West Hawaii Representatives
Deacon Sandor Hernandez-Morales
Mrs. Meali`inani Duarte-Hernández

East Hawaii Representative 
Deacon Dave Watson
Deacon Charley Mapa

Maui Representatives
Deacon Chris Ribucan
Deacon Henry Costales

Kauai Representatives
Deacon Ave Soto
Mrs. Anne Kane

Central Oahu Representatives
Deacon Gary Streff
Mrs. Valerie Streff

Leeward Oahu Representatives
Deacon Ray Dinulong
Mrs. Evelyn Bartley

Windward Oahu
Deacon Billy Whitfield
Mrs. Lori Whitfield

East Honolulu
Deacon Steve Kula
Deacon Rafael Mendoza

West Honolulu
Deacon Ricardo Burgos
Deacon Ray Lamb 

Deacon Pastoral Council Representative
Deacon Ray Dinulong



The Deacon Council of the Diocese of Honolulu was established to serve as an advisory body to the Bishop regarding the formation, ministry, and life of the deacon in the diocese. The council also provides a forum for input from deacons, their wives and widows, their families, pastors, parishes, and the whole community of the faithful.


The membership of the council consists of elected representatives chosen from among the deacon community from each of the vicariates of the diocese.

Diaconal Covenant