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Stewardship is based on the spiritual principles of the Old Testament and the teachings of Jesus.  As Catholics, realizing all that we have is a gift from God, we are encouraged to reflect on our blessings, enhance them and share them with others. By giving of ourselves and helping those around us, we are practicing Christian stewardship.

In 1992, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops brought attention to this principal when they published Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response (Summary of U.S. Bishops' Pastoral Letter). Looking beyond financial contributions alone, this document encourages Catholics to live their lives as disciples of Jesus and to share their gifts of time, talent and treasure – more out of gratitude than obligation.

Maui Stewardship Day - March 4, 2023 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

 What is Stewardship?  

It is a complete lifestyle acknowledging God as Creator and Provider of all.  It is the grateful receiving and responsible management of God's gifts, and the eager sharing of them as expressed in prayer, worship, offering and action.

Who is a Christian Steward?  
As a disciple of Jesus, a Christian Steward receives God's gifts gratefully, manages them responsibly, and shares them joyfully, giving back to the Lord generously of one's time, talent and treasure.

How do I get started with Stewardship? 
Stewardship is a journey of faith; it is more a process than a program.  The key steps in the process can be summarized as such:

  • Discern: Reflect on all that the Lord has provided to you.
  • Develop: Build on your gifts and leverage your talents.
  • Disburse: Begin an enhanced sharing of your time, talent and treasure.

How does the Parish Community get started with Stewardship?  
Each parish is unique and must find the level of stewardship that is acceptable and comfortable for the parishioners.  Most important you need to secure the personal involvement of your key leaders (pastor, staff, & lay volunteers).  A commitment of time, effort, financial resources, and prayer for the long range is vital.  A parish education program must be developed to communicate a clear and concise message, one that is repeated and included some way in all other parish programs and communications.  Finally, a willingness to trust that as stewardship is taught and accepted as a faith response, urgently needed human, physical, and financial resources will follow.

Diocesan Stewardship Video Featuring Bishop Larry Silva

Quick Start Guide for Stewardship Committee 

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For more information or assistance, please contact Stewardship & Development at (808) 203-6723 or click here to email.


St. Ann Team: Forming a Parish Stewardship Committee