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Empowering high school teens to become leaders today.

Christian Leadership Institute - Hawaii

The ministry of Leadership Development calls forth, affirms, and empowers the diverse gifts, talents, and abilities of adults and young people in our faith communities for comprehensives ministry with adolescents. – Renewing the Vision: A Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry, p. 40.

The ministry of Leadership Development empowers all young people for leadership and ministry with their peers—in schools, parishes, and civic communities—by affirming their gifts, equipping them with skills for leadership and ministry, and by placing them in leadership roles or giving them leadership opportunities where they can make a contribution. – Renewing the Vision: A Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry, p. 41

We strongly encourage all ministry leaders and communities to call forth the gifts of all young people and empower them for ministry to their peers and leadership in our faith communities. We need their gifts, energy, and vitality. – Renewing the Vision: A Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry, p. 42

What is CLI-HI?

The Christian Leadership Institute - Hawaii (CLI-HI) seeks to provide an opportunity for young people to develop skills for leadership and Christian Ministry. The week-long experience challenges young people to share insights and knowledge and to foster one another’s learning experiences in group settings to more firmly reinforce participants’ ownership of skills and content for use in their unique settings.

CLI-HI fosters growth in the participants’ personal and communal faith through the opportunity to take part in and to plan daily prayer and worship experiences, and through sessions particularly focused on prayer and Christian leadership. The journaling process of the program also encourages participants to log their reflections each day and to consider what the materials presented and their own experiences tell them about themselves, their gifts, skills and growing edges, and their faith and community identity.

While CLI-HI is based in a Catholic context, it is NOT a retreat.

When and where?

Date: June 25 (at 4 PM)  - June 30 (at 4 PM), 2023

Location: St. Stephen Diocesan Center - Kaneohe, OAHU

Who should attend CLI-HI?

CLI-HI is open to all high school youth in grades 10-12 who exhibit some leadership potential. See Selecting & Supporting Participants below, for more information.

Registration and Fees

The cost for CLI-HI is $350 per participant. This includes lodging, food, snacks, and materials. A deposit of $175 (or full payment) per participant must be included with application packets. Full payment must be made no later than May 25, 2023. Payments are non-refundable after this date. Make checks payable Roman Catholic Church in the State of Hawaii.

Application Packet - download packet

Coordinators of Youth Ministry: download Coordinator Checklist and Coversheet 

Packing List - download 

Selecting & Supporting Participants

Below you will find information help coordinators discern which young people should be invited to attend CLI-HI, and suggestions to help parishes, schools, and families support CLI-HI participants.

Tips for Selecting CLI-HI Participants

Suggestion CLI-HI Interview Questions

Overview of CLI-HI for Parents, Pastors, Coordinators of Youth Ministry, or Principals

Sample CLI-HI Schedule [coming soon]

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For more information about CLI-HI email OR call 808-203-6763.


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