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The Hawaii Catholic Conference (HCC) represents the Bishop of Honolulu in matters of Public Policy. The role of the Conference is to seek justice, fairness and charity for all, with a particular emphasis on the poor and vulnerable.

Our positions transcend political platforms or ideologies. The Conference is neither Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative. Our positions are based on the principles of Catholic social teaching and recognition of the innate dignity of every human person made in the image and likeness of God.

The Conference advocates for the agenda of the Bishop as it relates to state government. We seek to work in partnership with the state to fashion public policies that respect the human person from conception until natural death. Our positions and statements are made with malice toward none and charity toward all.

The HCC works with the Hawaii Family Forum (HFF), a Christian 501C3 organization, to educate and influence members of the Church, the community at large and public officials in order to make a positive impact on public policy.  Sign up to receive alerts from Hawaii Family Forum here.

Activities include:

  • Education and training of parishioners and others about legislative advocacy / action especially with respect to Faithful Citizenship and Forming Your Consciences.  Please call (808) 203-6704 if you would like to schedule a Faithful Citizenship training in your church community.

  • Legislative activity in the form of tracking bills and providing testimony. 

  • Public relations and communication by providing information about issues and the work of the HCC through articles in the Hawaii Catholic Herald and at various parish and diocesan meetings.

  • Collaboration with Respect Life Office (Diocese of Honolulu), Hawaii Catholic Schools, Catholic Charities Hawaii, St. Francis Healthcare Systems of Hawaii and groups outside the Church community on public policy issues. 

Media & Community


Resources for Citizen Engagement

  1. Faithful Citizenship Handout Out Part One
  2. Faithful Citizenship Handout Out Part Two
  3. Hawaii Family Forum (a separate 501 C3 community associate)



Eva Andrade, Executive Director
E-Mail Eva
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