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You are invited.

Bishop Larry Silva and the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry invite all high school youth to participate in the National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC).

What is NCYC?

The National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) is a powerful three-day experience of prayer, community, evangelization, catechesis, service and empowerment for Catholic teenagers (of high-school age) and their adult chaperones.

The schedule includes: 

INSPIRING SPEAKERS - Keynote presentations and workshops led by some of the best speakers in the Catholic space.

PRAYER & SACRAMENTS - Celebrate the sacraments - from Eucharist (Mass) to Reconciliation, led by our American bishops.

MUSIC & WORSHIP - Praise and entertainment led by Grammy-winning artists.

INTERACTIVE EXHIBITS - Countless games, crafts, obstacle courses, meetups, live radio shows, challenges, and so much more.

When and where will NCYC be held?

November 10-12, 2022 in Long Beach, California.    

Who can attend NCYC?

The National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) is open to all high school aged youth and their adult chaperones. 

Youth attendees must be in high school at the time of NCYC (November 2022).  When promoting NCYC, don’t forget to include this year’s 8th graders, as they will be 9th graders in November 2022.

Why attend the NCYC?

Youth and their adult chaperones attend NCYC because they want to:

  • Gather together with other Catholic youth on a national level;
  • Learn more about themselves and their relationship to God, and the Catholic Church;
  • Celebrate their Catholic faith;
  • Meet thousands of other Catholic youth;
  • Share beliefs and experiences;
  • Recognize their role in the life of the Catholic Church.                      
NCYC is sponsored by the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, Inc. (NFCYM). 
Organizing a Group to NCYC 
What is a Pilgrimage Anyway?
Form A: Parish School Commitment Form due no later than May 30, 2022.
Scholarship Information and Application Form - COMING SOON

Want more information? Send us an email.  


If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry via email or call 808-203-6763.