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Catholic Living

 "You have been told what the Lord requires to live a good life: Do justice, love tenderly, and walk humbly with your God." Micah 6:8

The fast pace of today's world often has us rushing through our daily life, with little direction or thought as to the kind of life we should be leading. Our faith can provide a solid moral compass to live a good life that requires, as prophet Micah reminds us, to "do justice, love tenderly and walk humbly with our God.

Catholics living a good life involves many ways to our faith into the action of good works. As the letter of James tells us "faith without works is dead, so I will demonstrate my faith to you from my works." James 2:16-18. The Diocese is to putting the Catholic Essentials into action through the fundamental commandment to "Love God with all your heart and soul and to love your neighbor as yourself."Mark 12:31-32 

Fortunately, in Hawaii, we are very blessed to have two special role models to help us live a good Christian life by Witnessing to Jesus. Saints Damien and Marriane of Moloka'i lived their faith in ways that continue to inspire and guide us today.  Below you will find a variety materials about Catholic Living challenge to  Witness to Jesus and Following the Footsteps of Father Damien & Mother Marianne.Also included are some materials about the essentials of Catholic Living.

The sacraments the Church celebrates are signs of grace that make a deeper reality present to us. One reality we encounter through the sacraments is Christ's presence in the Church community, his body. This recognition of Christ's presence in the community should lead to a stronger awareness of being sent on mission to engage in concrete, love-inspired action in the world. The resources attached can help you to better understand the connections between the celebration of the sacraments and our social mission as followers of Jesus and the Body of Christ.

An Essential of Catholic Living

Catholic Living and Social Doctrine-Catechism

Catholic Living and Catholic Social Thought

Catholic Social Thought and Baptism: Incorporated into Christ's Body, Sent on Christ's Mission

Catholic Social Thought and The Eucharistic Liturgy: Formed, Transformed, and Sent

Catholic Social Thought and Confirmation: Strengthened by the Spirit, Called to Action

Catholic Social Thought and Marriage: United in Love, Strengthened for Service

Catholic Social Thought and Holy Orders: Ordained to Serve, Gather, Transform and Send

Catholic Social Thought and Penance: Reconciled to Right Relationship, Called to Heal and Restore

Catholic Social Thought and Anointing of the Sick: Joined to Christ, Witnesses of Hope and Healing