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Parish Data Systems (PDS) OnDemand Solution FAQ

What is PDS OnDemand?

The PDS OnDemand product is the cloud solution for PDS. This means your PDS Church Office program would be hosted in the cloud and not on your local computer or local network.

Why should we switch to the PDS OnDemand product?

Switching to the PDS OnDemand solution benefits your parish in the following ways:

  • Parishioner data is backed up and secure on PDS servers.
  • Your parish doesn't have to worry about applying patches and updates to your PDS software because PDS will do it for you in the cloud.
  • Your parish will have access to all the latest versions and updates of PDS software.
  • Parish staff can access PDS from any Windows/Apple/Android computer or tablet. No longer are you limited to a single computer or set of computers.
  • If your parish switches to the PDS OnDemand product through the Diocese of Honolulu agreement, your parish will also get the Sacramental Register module for free.

What is the Sacramental Register module?

The Sacramental Register module in PDS allows your parish to track and search parishioner sacramental records electronically.

How much does it cost to switch to the PDS OnDemand product?

For current PDS customers, the cost to switch to the PDS OnDemand solution is $125. The good news is the Diocese will pay for the switch over cost, so it's FREE for the parish. However, the parish will be responsible for the monthly subscription fee.

What is the monthly subscription fee for the PDS OnDemand product?

For Diocese of Honolulu parishes, the discounted monthly subscription cost is $48.00 per month for two users on the Church Office module. If your parish has more than two users and/or uses other modules such as Formation Office, additional costs will be incurred. Please note, this fee will replace the PDS software maintenance fee you may currently be paying.

How will we be billed for the monthly fee?

The Diocesan Finance Office will bill the parish for the PDS OnDemand monthly subscription fee (similarly to the Right Networks billing).

Why will the Diocese bill the parish instead of PDS invoicing the parish directly?

The Diocese negotiated an agreement with PDS wherein our parishes can get a discount on the monthly subscription fee, but one of the conditions of this agreement was that PDS would bill the Diocese for the costs and in turn the Diocese would bill the parishes.

My parish doesn't use PDS. Are we required to switch?

This is an OPTIONAL program for all parishes. We are NOT mandating the use of PDS, but we highly encourage parishes to use the PDS Church Office program with the OnDemand solution. Should your parish choose to move from a non-PDS program to PDS, the Diocese can help your parish pay for the data conversion cost to PDS.

Who do I contact to switch my parish to the PDS OnDemand product?

Please contact Maria Treptow at PDS via email at Maria.Treptow@acstechnologies.com or by phone at (602) 567-7770.

Will there be PDS training available?

Training is available from PDS via webinar, or they can also do in-person training at a cost. Please be aware that the Diocese is working on putting together a regular PDS training program for our parishes. 

Last modified: 9/4/2014