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Parish Finance Council Training

On Saturday, April 30, 2016, the Diocesan Finance Office presented training for Parish Finance Councils and Parochial School Boards. The agenda of the training was as follows:

  1. Introduction by Lisa Sakamoto, Diocesan Finance Officer (DFO) for the Diocese of Honolulu
  2. Prayer by Deacon John Coughlin
  3. Parish & School Reviews, presented by Peter Hanashiro of KMH LLP
  4. Right Networks Reports, presented by Diane Lamosao (from Diocesan Finance Office)
  5. Role of the Finance Council & School Boards, presented by Lisa Sakamoto 
  6. New Assessment Calculation, presented by Lisa Sakamoto

Below are video recordings of the April 30, 2016 training. Part 1 consists primarily of the Parish & School Reviews and Right Networks Reports. Part 2 consists of the Role of the Finance Council & School Boards and the New Assessment Calculation.

Training - Part 1

Training - Part 2

Please contact the Diocesan Finance Office at financeoffice@rcchawaii.org for more information on the items presented during the training.