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2015 Annual Diocesan Stewardship Report

The Catholic Church in Hawaii - the Numbers & the Stories

In the January 1, 2016 issue of the Hawaii Catholic Herald, we present the 2015 Annual Diocesan Stewardship Report.  We report not only the numbers, but also share the stories of the many ways that people throughout the Catholic Church in Hawaii offer their time, talent, and treasure for the service of the Lord and his beloved people.  As Bishop Larry states in his letter,

"I hope this year's report will help you understand that YOU are the diocese, and that all 66 parishes are in a sacred communion with other another, just as the diocese is in a sacred communion with other dioceses to form on Body of Christ throughout the world."

Click on the link or image below to read & download the 2015 annual report.

Diocesan Parish Stewardship Report 2015

From the 2015 Annual Report in the Hawaii Catholic Herald

For previous years financial reports, please visit the Diocesan Finance Office page.

Bishop Larry Stewardship Message (click to listen).