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Diocesan Offices

Diocesan Offices

Diocesan Response to Sexual Abuse Documents

Diocese of Honolulu Safe Environment Policy and Code of Conduct

Reconciliation, Protection, Accountability: The Safe Environment Policies of the Diocese of Honolulu (PDF)
Click on the above link above to download the comprehensive safe environment policy last updated in June 2020 and effective July 1, 2020.

Diocese of Honolulu Code of Conduct (PDF)
Click on the link above for the Diocesan Code of Conduct for Employees, Volunteers, Contractors, Religious and Clergy, last updated in June 2020 and effective July 1, 2020.

Additional Safe Environment Policies

St. Stephen Diocesan Center (SSDC) Overnight Policy (PDF)
The Diocese of Honolulu is committed to the safety and security of all who visit SSDC.  Click on the above link to download the policy approved by Bishop Larry Silva in April 2019.