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Adult Background Screening and Training

Safe Environment Training for Adults - VIRTUS Programs

The required Safe Environment training for adults is provided by the VIRTUS programs.  Training is available in both an online and in-person classroom session format.  You must register on the VIRTUS website (www.virtus.org) and complete ALL requirements in order to receive credit for completion of the training.  

Safe Environment Background Screening - Selection.com

Effective January 1, 2021, the Diocese of Honolulu's background screening provider is Selection.com.

To complete the required Safe Environment background screening, users must first register on the VIRTUS website.  Completion of the background screening process is done via the VIRTUS website's secure interface with the Selection.com online platform.

Click here to access instructions for registering on the VIRTUS website and completing the Safe Environment background screening and training requirements.

BEFORE registering on the VIRTUS website, please inform your Pastor, Principal, or Program Coordinator.