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Sacramental and Genealogy Requests



NOTICE:   8/19/2019
No Genealogy or Historical Sacramental Requests will be taken, until further notice. If you had previously made a request prior to 8/20/19, please contact kcabiles@rcchawaii.org to check on your request's status.

If you are looking for sacramental records for someone still living, please contact the parish where the sacrament was administered.



A) Genealogical Requests are for Sacramental Records that are 70 years or older. For records that are more recent, please contact the Parish where the Sacrament was administered.

B) We do not search for Cemetery, Burial or Plot Number information. This information is rarely recorded into parish Death Registers. 

C) This office does not accept donations. Please consider making a donation to The Bishop's Circle.



1)      The Diocese of Honolulu’s Office of the Chancellor and Diocesan Archives maintains historical Catholic Sacramental records (70 years and older) from its Catholic parishes (historical and present).

2)      There are no guarantees that a record will be found.

3)      Please allow four to six weeks for results.

4)      In the Diocese of Honolulu, Sacramental Records are not open to the public. Research is performed by Archive Staff only.

5)      Public access to the Diocesan Archives is prohibited. Access may be granted by the Bishop or the Chancellor.

6)      Requests for Genealogy research must be made in writing via the Genealogy Research Form.

7)      A legitimate reason for a request must be given, along with a relevant connection to the person being researched.

8)      The Archives does not issue actual certificates.  Requests for certificates using the found information should be made directly with the parish where the sacrament was administered. Individual parishes may or may not issue certificates related to Genealogy searches.

9)      There are no fees for Genealogy searches, but you are welcome to donate to a parish of your choice, or directly to the Diocese. Please consider making a donation to The Bishop's Circle

10)    We reserve the right to make changes to our policies without prior written notification.


Click to Download the Genealogical Record Request Form.

Download the form, print, and send completed form to the Office of the Chancellor; 6301 Pali Hwy., Kaneohe Hawaii 96744

For more information, call Deacon Keith at 808.203.6715