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Diocesan Offices

Liability Forms

Click on the name of the form to view and print.

Medical Information & Parental/Guardian Consent Form/Liability Waiver

The Medical Information and Parental/Guardian Consent Form/Liability must be completed for each youth, for every off-campus activity or event.

Field Trip Adult Liability Waiver

Each adult participant, including group leaders and chaperons, must complete and sign the Field Trip Adult Liability Waiver.

Field Trip Transportation Policy

Commercial carrier or contracted transportation is the most desirable method to be used for field trips or off-campus events and activities and, whenever possible, this mode of transportation should be provided. View the Field Trip Transportation Policy in the event that private passenger vehicles must be used. Please note that use of 11-15 passenger vans is prohibited. More information here.

Field Trip Driver Information Sheet

Each driver must fill out the Field Trip Driver Information Sheet prior to the field trip or off-campus activity or event.

Photograph and Video Consent Form 

The Photograph and Video Consent Form must be completed and signed by all youth ages 17 and younger.

Safe Environment Compliance

All adults who have ongoing, unsupervised contact with youth under age 18 must complete background screening and Safe Environment training as mandated by the Diocese of Honolulu Safe Environment Office. Click here to access screening and training.

Chaperone Guidelines/Behaviors

All youth ministry activities should be chaperoned.  Click here to download for guidelines to age requirements and ratio requirements for youth activities. 

Chaperone Training

Follow these instructions to access training online:

  • Go to Catholic Mutual Group’s website: www.catholicmutual.org.
  • Click on “CMGConnect: Online Training Hub.
  • From the dropdown list, Find Your Diocese, choose “Honolulu” then click “Go”.
  • If you do not have an account, you will need to create one.  Follow instructions, completing all required information. If you have an account, click on “Sign In Here”.
  • Once you have successfully logged in, scroll down to the Youth Ministry Curriculum area.  You must complete the “Youth Ministry – Everything Matters & Everyone Has a Role” video as well as the “Youth Ministry Guide”.

Digital Ministry and Photo Consent Form 

The Digital Ministry and Photo Consent Form must be completed for each youth who will be engaging in any type of digital networking and communications. 

Virtual Boundaries: Appropriate Online Safety Measures - Best Practices - read here

St. Stephen Diocesan Center Overnight Policy

Click here to access.