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Diocesan Offices

Office for Persons with Disabilities

The Office for Persons with Disabilities works actively to promote disability awareness throughout the diocese by advocating for the full inclusion of persons with disabilities into the life of the church. Systemically this is achieved through education and training, advocating legislative action and through the development of diocesan programs affecting systems change. In direct response to parishes, the office offers support by helping parishes explore ways to respond to their parishioners with special needs as well as their families. Our mission is to ensure that the baptismal rights of all persons,including those with diverse gifts and abilities, are fully realized, respected and responded to. This can include physical access,sacramental access, program access and acceptance. For more information, visit our Disibilities Ministry page.

The Office for Persons with Disabilities is also actively supporting efforts with the establishment of ministry to and with persons who are Elderly. Many of our senior parishioners live with such disabilities as diminishing vision and hearing, mobility impairments and dementia.


Iwie Tamashiro, Director


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