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The Hawaii Catholic Conference urges everyone to have a health care directive, especially during these difficult and uncertain times. Both Catholic and non-denominational Christian directives are available for download.

POLST (Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment)

POLST (an acronym for “Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment”) is a new kind of advanced medical decision-making document ostensibly designed to improve communication and decision-making, especially at the end of life. POLST is spreading rapidly across the United States as a result of a concerted campaign.  Here are some resources to help you prepare a POLST form.

COVID-19 and Finalizing Your Directive 

During the COVID-19 pandemic you may have difficulty getting your directive notarized or witnessed. Do not let that stop you from completing the form. 

  • If you are hospitalized, take the form with you, even if it is missing some signatures.

  • Hospitals and clinics usually have notary publics on staff, even during these emergency times. Even if a notary public is not immediately available, hospitals will work with you to get your form officiated.

  • Hawaii is able to do distant notarizations right now, the notary would need to do things differently according to the Emergency Rules relating to notaries public. The Executive Order 20-02 has authorized verifying identity via teleconference, use of faxes and/or scans of notarized documents to maintain the physical distancing. To view those rules, click here

  • They are also allowing the use of recently expired ID (March 23-May 15) due to the closure of the Satellite City Halls. 

  • Even if your directive is missing some signatures, completing the form and discussing it with your loved ones and health care agent is important for you, your loved ones, and your health care providers.

As always, please contact the Hawaii Catholic Conference with any questions.