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Diocesan Offices

The Role of the Parish Respect Life Coordinator

The Coordinator serves the parish and is assisted by the Diocesan Respect Life Office. The Coordinator, approved and/or appointed by the pastor, organizes and implements the efforts of the USCCB Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities at his/her local parish in consultation with the Pastor of that parish. The Pastoral Plan specifically focuses on building a culture of life through education, pastoral care activities, public policy efforts, and prayer & worship.

Working with Pastors and Parish Life Coordinators

  • Establish with your Pastor/PLC's expectations of your role and how best to work with him.
  • Identify the needs/dynamics of the parish and the Pastor/PLC's level of involvement.
  • Cultivate goodwill, trust, and friendship.
  • Listen to his evaluation of the pro-life needs of the parish.
  • Offer your services to successfully carry out programs and activities.

The Role of the Respect Life Coordinator

  • Read the USCCB Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities
  • Read the Hawaii Diocesan Respect Life Coordinator Manual (link coming soon)
  • As possible, organize a parish committee to help with planning and implementing respect life programs or projects
    • Contact Paulette to set up first meeting or call (808) 203-6722
    • Size will depend on parish needs
    • Some coordinators (particularly in small parishes) may find it unnecessary to establish a formal committee
  • Meet as needed to plan parish activities
  • Serve as a liaison between the parish and the Diocesan Respect Life Office 
    • Sign up to receive monthly bulletin announcement and the encourage the promotion of various pro-life activities
    • Sign up to receive the monthly Diocesan E-Newsletter
  • The Coordinator is at the service of the pastor. Upon resignation, the Coordinator should inform the pastor of his/her decision
  • The Coordinator serves in a voluntary manner. All activities must be subsidized in a manner agreed upon by the pastor