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Catholic Living

Food Security, Sustainable Development and Global Security

Food security, sustainable development, and global solidarity ministry involves volunteers that plan and present programs to educate parishioners in the riches of Catholic teaching and spirituality for the care of God's creation. Sustainable development ministry includes the parish food pantries, evolving from security to sustainability through their food provision program and connecting with local producers of healthy fresh produce such as farmers markets and community gardens. This ministry is committed to connecting with other efforts in Hawaii for sustainable food security, eliminating the dependency on outside food sources.

This ministry also makes the link to Global Solidarity.  As Catholics, we believe we are all part of one human family. We are called to protect the life and dignity of every member of that family. Solidarity is a basic concept in Catholic teaching that asks us to stand with those who are poor and assist people in need around the world. This solidarity is often expressed through working with Catholic Relief Services and their campaigns such as Rice  Bowl and other efforts to address world hunger.

This ministry connects with environmental justice issues such as clean air and water, land use and global climate change. Specifically, this could mean parish discussion and implementation of parish recycling, water and power conservation and events to cleanup local resources. This ministry is also committed to the development of sustainable alternative resources as an example of responsible stewardship by reducing Hawaii's carbon footprint and dependence on oil. This ministry also may be involved in working on sustainable livelihoods in Hawaii including efforts around livable wages. These issues are interconnected with other parish social ministries such as work around affordable housing and community re-integration, all efforts to contribute to sustainable community development as an expression of Gospel stewardship.

Going Beyond Emergency Food