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To Offer Healing, To Restore Trust

The Diocese of Honolulu, which encompasses the Roman Catholic Church in the State of Hawaii, wishes to acknowledge the pain, anger and confusion caused by the sexual abuse of minors by clergy, religious or church workers. The Diocese of Honolulu remains committed to the promotion of safety, healing, reconciliation and the maintenance of safe environments for our children and young people.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In 2002, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops developed the Charter for the Protection of Children and Youth. This document guides our efforts to promote healing and reconciliation with victims/survivors of sexual abuse of minors by clergy, religious or Church workers. It outlines an effective response to allegations of sexual abuse, calls for more effective screening of those entering service in the Church, and provides for education for clergy and others who have contact with minors or who are in a position of trust in the church.  Safe Environment programs have been implemented in parishes and schools throughout the country as a response to the Charter.

Although the media's intense reporting of the tragedy of sexual abuse of children by clergy and other trusted Church ministers has diminished, we are committed to continuing implementation of the Charter and do all we humanly can to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

Our Victim Assistance Program reaches out to those who may have been sexually abused as minors.

  • Our Safe Environment training and educational programs continue to be conducted for children, youth and all who are in a position of trust over them. This training is required for all clergy, religious and lay staff, as well as volunteers who may have regular contact with youth in any aspect of Church life. Records are maintained regarding who has been trained, renewal training is required periodically.
  • The Model Code of Pastoral Conduct has been developed by the VIRTUS "best practices" program designed for religious organizations, and it was first promulgated on January 8, 2004.
  • All clergy, religious and lay staff, and all volunteers who have regular contact with youth in any aspect of Church life are required to submit to criminal background checks, as permitted by law. Pastors, principals and administrators are responsible for ensuring that these checks are carried out and for maintaining records of compliance with this directive.

We affirm our commitment to work diligently to prevent the sexual abuse of minors. We pray forgiveness from those persons who were abused as minors by clergy, religious or Church workers, and we pray that the healing power of Christ may touch them. We thank God for our children and youth and commit ourselves to care for them as gifts of God's love.

A Letter from The Most Reverend Larry Silva,
Bishop of Honolulu, January 8, 2004

For more information about Child & Youth Protection, please contact the Safe Environment Office, which can be found under Diocesan Offices.