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Archives - Coronavirus Response Updates

MAY 15, 2020 UPDATE:

“We have been working with government officials to see that we can reopen our churches as soon as possible, with social distancing, controlled numbers of attendees, masks, and sanitizing protocols. While I know Mayor Caldwell is trying to be diligent about the health of our community, and am happy to see restrictions for gatherings for worship are going to be eased, the 'in vehicle' services, especially with the prohibition of distributing anything, simply is not what is needed for Catholic worship. At the heart of our service, the Eucharist, is receiving Holy Communion, and people have been longing for this communion with the Lord. Having people 'attend' a service from their vehicles when they are prohibited from receiving Communion is of little value to us. People would be much more comfortable viewing a live-stream from home if they could not receive Communion. We are working toward responsibly getting people back into church, so that they can receive Communion during the celebration of the Eucharist. I hope that, just as restaurants are soon to be open with proper protocols, we will be able to open our churches VERY SOON to celebrate in a way that respects our own religious practices.”

 - Bishop Larry Silva’s response to Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s “CITY AND COUNTY OF HONOLULU EMERGENCY ORDER NO. 2020-11 (COVID-19 [Novel Coronavirus])” issued on May 13,2020


MAY 1, 2020 UPDATE:

"As you know, Governor Ige has extended the order of stay-at-home lockdown until May 31 to continue the mitigation of the effects of the virus and stop its spread. After consultation with my staff and the Presbyteral Council, I am extending the directives promulgated in my last memorandum dated March 27, 2020. The extension of the Directives will go into effect immediately and until May 31, 2020. Therefore, I am dispensing all Catholics in the Diocese of Honolulu from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass through May 31, 2020."  - Bishop Larry Silva (Read More)


MARCH 27, 2020 UPDATE:

"Parish churches, chapels, oratories, centers, and missions are to be closed to the public through April 30, 2020, or until further notice...All liturgical and sacramental celebrations from now through April 30 are canceled, including those during Holy Week, the Paschal Triduum, and Easter Sunday.  The obligation to attend Mass on Sundays is dispensed through April 30, 2020." - Bishop Larry Silva (Read More)

NOTE: Bishop Silva wishes to clarify that his memo dated March 27, 2020 ordering the closing of all churches, does not apply to food pantries or food distribution activities, since these are essential services provided to those in need. Governor Ige’s stay-at-home order allows the exemption for those going to buy food, so it should also apply to those who are receiving necessary food from food pantries. HOWEVER, all workers at the food pantries must have procedures that still allow proper social distancing and the safety of workers and clients. Each location should have procedures to ensure these safeguards are in place.