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Catholic Essentials

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Returning Catholics

The Journey

Are you seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through the Catholic Church?

Are you hearing God's call to return to active participation in the Holy Eucharist?

If you have questions or would like to talk with someone about pursuing your faith with the Catholic Church, please contact Deacon Modesto Cordero. He can listen to your questions, connect you with a priest or with a group of others who are also thinking about returning. Make the call.  We would love to welcome you home! 808-585-3342.

Parish Welcome Back Program

Parishes interested in starting a Welcome Back program can also contact Deacon Modesto for information about resources and training for parishioners interested in creating a welcoming place for seekers. 


"As a community of faith, we want to welcome these people to become alive in the Good News of Jesus, to make their lives more fully a part of the ongoing story of salvation and to let Christ touch, heal, and reconcile them through the Holy Spirit.  We want to let our inactive brothers and sisters know that they always have a place in the Church.  We want to show our regret for any misunderstandings or mistreatment.  And we want to help them see that, however they feel about the Church, we want to talk with them, share with them, and accept them as brothers and sisters.  Every Catholic can be a minister of welcome, reconciliation, and understanding to those who have stopped practicing the faith."
Go and Make Disciples, Nov. 18, 1992.