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Bishop's Reflections

  • Bishop's Homily for the Thirty-First Sunday of Ordinary Time

    Bishop Larry Silva
    October 30, 2022

    [Korean Catholic Community at St. Andrew Taegon Oratory, Honolulu] Today you climbed a tree to see Jesus.  You took the time out of your busy schedule to drive to this church and to encounter Jesus.  Maybe you only expect to see him from a distance as he passes by, then you can go home just a little more satisfied.  But what if Jesus stops in his tracks, looks at you, and says he wants to go to your house? What happened to Zac...

  • Bishop's Homily for the Thirtieth Sunday of Ordinary Time

    Bishop Larry Silva
    October 23, 2022

    [St. Francis Church, Kalaupapa (Tenth Anniversary of Canonization of St. Marianne Cope)] I can imagine a very lonely girl who felt so despondent about being taken away from her loving family because of leprosy that she cried out to God to send her a loving mother. She prayed with all her heart, trusting that God would hear her in her pain. And along came Mother Marianne and her Sisters, who were like mothers to her and the other girls. Could ...

  • Bishop's Homily for the Twenty-Eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time

    Bishop Larry Silva
    October 09, 2022

    [Holy Rosary Church, Paia] It would be wrong to presume that the nine people with leprosy who did not return to Jesus after their healing were ungrateful.  They probably were so anxious to go back to their homes, from which they had to be separated, that reunion with family and friends was their highest priority.  I cannot imagine that they did not excitedly tell their loved ones about Jesus and how he had healed them.  It woul...

  • Bishop's Homily for the Twenty-Seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time

    Bishop Larry Silva
    October 02, 2022

    [St. Augustine by the Sea Church, Waikiki] A stadium full of soccer fans went to enjoy themselves at a match in Indonesia this weekend.  At the end of the game, rival fans started a riot, causing people to flee in a stampede, and at least 125 people are dead as a result.  As I blessed our first parish columbarium yesterday at St. Ann Church in Kaneohe, I flashed back to when I was a priest in Oakland and had to go to the Catholic ce...

  • Bishop's Homily for the Twenty-Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time

    Bishop Larry Silva
    September 18, 2022

    [Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, Honolulu; Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Chapel] I can see the media spin on it now!  “Jesus says swindling your employer is acceptable, as long as there is some benefit in it for you!  A new teaching contradicting the prophet Amos and others!”  If such a thing ever happened, it would be taking Jesus’ words out of context.  It would be easy to conclude that, since Jesu...

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