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CRS Rice Bowl Lenten Story of Hope: Week One

February 26, 2024

Adolf and his wife, Florence, are farmers in Uganda. The couple is fighting hunger so that their family and others in their community can build thriving lives. They do this by farming, which helps their family to eat three nutritious meals a day, and by assisting others in their community to grow successful crops.  Each member of their household has an important role, like gardening, cleaning, preparing meals and caring for the animals. In the evenings, they enjoy spending time together as a family. Adolf is thankful for the free time to sit and relax with his children.   

In the area where they live, the climate is very dry. Lately, the rainy season has been coming later than it used to. And sometimes, it rains too much all at once and causes flooding. “It rains so heavily and destroys things,” Adolf says. “So, the goodness of rain is taken away.” In addition, people come through their community and steal their food or tools. It makes it difficult to farm with these challenges—and that means food is harder to come by.

To overcome these obstacles, Adolf and Florence joined a Catholic Relief Services program where they learned new farming methods that help them grow crops even when it is hot and dry. They planted seeds that grow quickly, so that they can still have vegetables to harvest, even if there isn’t much rain. This provides enough food to eat and to sell at the market for extra income. Adolf says “I have seen my children are happy because they are well fed,” Because of the successful life that he and Florence built, they are sharing the knowledge they learned with their neighbors. As leaders in their community, they works with others to increase their harvests, improve the land and build a safe and thriving community.