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An Invitation to Hawaii Catholic Men to Pray with the Knights of Columbus

April 29, 2024

From the Knights of Columbus Hawaii

In the quest for deeper faith and meaningful community, Catholic men often yearn for a brotherhood that resonates with their spiritual ambitions and family values. The Knights of Columbus, an organization with a storied legacy, extends an invitation to journey with like-minded souls in pursuit of a fortified faith and a life of service.

“Gone are the days where the order resembled your grandfather's exclusive club,” says Ryan Brown, Grand Knight of Council 14620, St. Ann, Kaneohe. The Knights of Columbus has evolved, shaking off the dust of yesteryears to step into a vibrant, contemporary role. It's a renaissance of faith, fueled by the fellowship of men who seek not only to protect their Catholic heritage but to be pillars of strength for the Church and their families—their domestic church.

“Our order has been known as the-go-to-group for parishes and we still are! But we have also put a greater emphasis towards creating more opportunities for men to gather to pray,” adds Joshua Kapika, Grand Knight of St. Michael’s council in Waialua and Director of COR initiatives, a program within the Knights that focuses on a man’s faith formation.

Imagine a fraternity that acknowledges the modern man's challenges and allows for a personal journey in faith—a safeguarding sanctuary for the emotional and spiritual needs of its members. The Knights offer not just camaraderie but a family-centric sphere where prayer, personal formation, and community service converge to craft a well-rounded Catholic life.

Patrick Guzman, Grand Knight at St. John the Apostle in Mililani adds, “Our men gather for family night where we pray with our keiki showing them it is a normal thing to do even outside of church. We get together for cookouts, movie nights, bring in speakers to share in the faith. We try to engage families in different ways…”

“The ideals of the Knights have not changed. We maintain the same values that have supported our order for decades. But we recognize that we need to read our community which is made up of different generations of Hawaii Catholics. What appealed to our fathers generation, are different to what appeals to our kids and the next generation,” says, Lito Alvarez, Grand Knight from St. Jude, Makakilo.

The doors of the order are now wide open, with the establishment of the eMembership initiative. Catholic men 18 years or older are able to join the Knights for free and are encouraged to embrace this sacred space at their own tempo. It’s an offer to dip your toes into waters of charity, unity, and fraternity without the pressure of a plunge.

The Hawaii State Council is holding a 60-day campaign beginning on April 30th and ending on June 30th with the invitation to our fathers, brothers and sons to PRAY WITH US. Every new eMember with the Knights will receive their own personal Vivat Jesus prayer booklet. Knights may participate by following a daily schedule of prayers, or simply flip to their favorite prayers to recite.

“The Vivat Jesus prayer booklet is just incredible and contains hundreds of prayers, novenas, and more! A perfect tool for the Catholic man,” comments Randy Tom, State Deputy for the Hawaii State Council.

Engage with the Knights on your terms and discover the profound impact of men united in faith and purpose. Whether in moments of quiet prayer, in the joy of service, or in the strength of formation, the opportunity to advance your faith journey awaits.

Consider this not a call to arms, but a soft whisper to the heart—beckoning you to explore and enrich your faith within a brotherhood that seeks the same horizon. The Knights of Columbus are ready to walk alongside you. Will you take the first step?

Visit pray.kofchawaii.org or kofchawaii.org. You can also text PRAY WITH US to #808-650-5006.