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Inquiry Weekends Aim to Nourish Permanent Deacon Vocations

April 26, 2024

From the Office of Permanent Deacon Formation

In April, the Office of Permanent Deacon Formation hosted eight married couples and two single men discerning the call to the Diaconate. According to Deacon Renier Torres, these “Inquiry Weekends” allow men and married couples to “receive a comprehensive overview of the formation program, guiding them to make well-informed decisions” about their calling.

One of the most impactful features of the weekend is mealtimes, during which inquirers have an opportunity to engage directly with deacons, deacon wives, and those currently in the formation process. “This direct line to personal experience and wisdom is invaluable as you consider your own path,” says Deacon Henry Costales. “Whether these questions are theological, practical, or personal, getting them addressed can help clarify your understanding and expectations of the diaconal ministry.”

Deacons are members of the clergy of the Catholic Church, alongside priests and bishops. They are called to minister as icons of Christ the Servant, assisting the bishop or priest at Mass, and can preach, baptize, witness and bless marriages, and preside over funeral liturgies, among many other responsibilities for the diocese and in the parish.

Those who have heard even a whisper of a calling to become a deacon should pray and reach out to a deacon or a priest for spiritual guidance. Trust and openness are key virtues at this stage. “It all starts with a willingness to be open to answering His call,” advises Deacon Renier.

There is still time to register for the June 14-16 weekend. More information can be found at www.catholichawaii.org/formation.

“The Inquiry Weekend is a step for exploration,” says Deacon Henry. “If you feel a pull towards the diaconate, participating in an Inquiry Weekend can be a strategic and enlightening step forward.”