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Diocese of Honolulu Eucharistic Revival Pilgrimage

November 3, 2023

This Year of Parish Revival is about falling deeper in love with the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus and following him more closely. Mirroring this internal journey with an external one is a beautiful way to connect body and soul in the pursuit of Christ.

The National Eucharistic Pilgrimage is not one event or a road trip—it is an exciting opportunity for American Catholics everywhere to physically embody our nation’s journey of Eucharistic Revival. Whether you are on the shores of Hawaii or in the mountains of Alaska, needing to stay close to home or deployed overseas, you are invited to be a part of this journey.

Shortly after his Resurrection, Jesus accompanied two disciples on their journey from Jerusalem to Emmaus—walking with them in their grief, offering hope, and finally revealing himself through the breaking of the bread. Jesus wants to do the same for YOU!

Following Jesus is a personal statement of faith—a faith that moves us to seek Our Lord wherever he goes: be it the streets, cathedrals, or in the hearts of the poor. The National Eucharistic Pilgrimage will not only be undertaken by Perpetual Pilgrims (those who commit themselves to making the entire journey). All Catholics are invited to participate in this massive “Eucharistic Caravan.”

Make the Honolulu Diocese Pilgrimage a part of your experience of revival by planning a self-led personal pilgrimage in the next months leading up to the beginning of the Live Eucharistic Caravan in San Francisco.

The Diocese of Honolulu offers a Hawaii Eucharist Revival virtual pilgrimage called Hawaii Pilgrim at: https://www.polarsteps.com/HawaiiPilgrim/7324186-hawaii-eucharistic-revival-pilgrimage or by getting the Polarsteps - Travel Tracker app for your digital device. Sign up for a free Polarsteps account. Enter “Hawaii Pilgrim” on the Explore (Search people & places) tab. Click on “Follow” and begin your journey.

Use Hawaii Pilgrim to find church addresses, Mass, adoration and other regularly scheduled events when the church will be open.


WHERE: Choose a church listed on Polarsteps Hawaii Pilgrim.
WHEN: To make sure the site will be open when you intend to arrive, Plan your journey around the celebration of the Mass or Eucharistic adoration.
TRAVEL: Decide how you will be traveling; walking, driving, by bike, etc. Make arrangements beforehand so that you can be fully present to your pilgrimage experience.
WITH WHOM: Will you be traveling alone or with a community such as your family, parish, or youth group? Go in peace! The journey you are making is under the eye of the LORD.


● Pray for the special intentions that you and your loved ones have. You might also carry in your heart intentions for the Church, the world, or your local community. Be very specific and write them down. Jesus wants to bring healing, wholeness, and peace!


PRAYER: Invite family and friends to join you in prayer.
PATRON: Pick a patron saint for your pilgrimage as your heavenly companion for the journey.


PRAYER: Make your pilgrimage a time of prayer and thanksgiving. Consider vocal prayers like the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, or reading from Scripture: Mark 14:22-24, John 6:35, John 6:51-57, Acts 2:42, 1 Corinthians 10:16-17, 1 Corinthians 11:23-28.


As you come to the threshold of your pilgrimage destination, do so with the knowledge that Jesus is waiting to encounter you in the Eucharist.
PRAYER: Spend some time in silent adoration, thanking God for this pilgrimage and praying for your petitions. Pray individually and as a group.
LITURGY: If possible, participate in Mass, offering the Mass for your petitions.

● Spend some quality time before you leave or on the way home sharing the graces of your experience with one another.
● If you are traveling on your own, journal about these graces or share them with a friend.
● Post a comment on the step where the church you visited is listed on Polarsteps.
● Take a picture to remind you of your visit. Send the picture to: hawaiipilgrimage@gmail.com. Your picture may be used to enhance the church step.

● After your pilgrimage, pray about how the experience changed you. Ask Jesus to show you how he wants to be more present in your life through this pilgrimage.
● If you carried the intentions of others, share something about what the pilgrimage meant for you with them.
● Encounter with Jesus leads to mission. Make an act of service or kindness to share in the saving mission of Jesus.
● A Eucharistic pilgrimage is a testimony to the world that Jesus is alive in the Eucharist, and he accompanies us—all of us—on our pilgrimage through life.