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Diocesan Retirement and Job Opening Announcement

June 5, 2023

From Human Resources, Diocese of Honolulu

This is the official notification that two of our valued Diocesan directors will be retiring this year.

Jayne Ragasa-Mondoy, our Director of Faith Formation who was hired in June 2005, will retire as of September 1, 2023. Please note that she will not be available during the month of July, as she was generous enough to extend her original retirement date of June 30th to September 1st to give us some time to replace the position.

Mark Clark, our Stewardship and Development Director who was hired in July 2012, will also retire by the end of 2023 depending on when we find a replacement. As of August 1, he will move to part-time (20 hours) until we can identify his successor.

I want to sincerely thank these two individuals for their dedication and service to the Diocese, it’s schools, parishes and ministries and pray that their upcoming chapter of retirement comes with abundant blessings.

In regards to their positions, by the close of business today we will post the attached two job descriptions on our www.catholichawaii.org/about-us/careers website for candidates to apply. Feel free to forward this message to anyone interested and communicate these openings widely. I will convene two separate search committees to review, vet and ultimately recommend a candidate or top candidates to the Bishop of Honolulu for his selection.

Please note that there have been some modifications to each job. Of note:

 - The Director of Faith Formation title has changed to Director of Evangelization and Catechesis, with an enhanced statement of evangelization and preparing others to promote a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. (JOB DESCRIPTION)

 - The Director of Stewardship and Development position title has changed to Development Director. It was decided that the stewardship spirituality and education function of the position should stand on its own, and plans for a priest or religious is being coordinated to lead this effort. The Development Director position will be about a 30 hour or less per week position. (JOB DESCRIPTION)