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Keeping Mind and Body in Shape this September

September 6, 2022

From the Office for Social Ministry

As we celebrate National Grandparents Day this month, we salute all our elders and kupuna for the contributions they have made in each of our lives. We also pay tribute to their caregivers, who profoundly impact and enhance their quality of life during the twilight years.

St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawaii remains a strong advocate for our seniors and caregivers, offering self-empowerment classes throughout the year that cover a range of topics from physical fitness, to financial strategies, and retirement planning. Upcoming free sessions are provided online this month such as: Truths and Myths of Long Term Care Insurance (September 8th, 5pm); Medicare Basics (Sept 12th, 5pm); and Overview of Taxes and Retirement (Sept 16th, 11am.)

Those seeking an outdoor in-person experience can even sign up for a special lo’i tour in Kailua on Sept 15th, 9:30am. Participants will enjoy a leisurely morning walk with cultural conversations. And every week, St. Francis continues to offer wellness classes featuring Yoga Tai Chi, boxing fundamentals, and even Zumba!

All classes are free of charge. For a complete SEPTEMBER schedule and links to register, visit the St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawaii website.