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Healing Hunger in Hawaii

September 26, 2022

From the Office for Social Ministry

Although Hunger Action Month is coming to a close this September, the hard work of healing hunger never ends! According the Hawaii Food Bank, nearly a quarter-million Hawaii residents are struggling to put food on the table, including isolated kupuna and more than 82,000 keiki.

That’s why organizations like Feeding America, the largest domestic hunger relief organization in America, is urging everyone to continue their efforts to help heal hunger even after September ends. Whether it’s the first, middle or last week of the month, food is a necessity no matter what time of the year. Feeding those who are hungry is a moral imperative and essential to our Catholic Social Teaching.

And although many people are returning to work after the pandemic, food banks on all islands are still overwhelmed with high demand and food supply shortages due to inflation and the rising cost of food. 

Fortunately, the USDA recently approved more than $1 billion in funding for food banks and school meal programs. The following is a listing of food banks serving each island with links to their websites for more information.   

If your parish has an active food pantry, please encourage your parishioners to continue providing support with food and/or cash donations year-round. Mahalo for helping fight food insecurity and heal hunger in Hawaii!