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Caregiver Education and Wellness Classes for the Month of November

October 24, 2022

From the Office for Social Ministry

Each Fall, families gather around the Holidays offering prayers and expressions of gratitude for the many blessings received throughout the year.  The commitment and selfless sacrifice provided by family members to aging, frail and ill loved ones often go unnoticed.  Be sure to include prayers of thanksgiving for the love and aloha of caregivers in your ‘Ohana.    

As their way of supporting and helping to sustain our unsung Caregiver heroes, St Francis Healthcare offers a variety of education and wellness classes every month.  In November, the topics will range from Social Security, Mobility Training, Conflict Resolution (when making decisions for loved ones), Memory Loss, Parkinson’s and Kidney health.   Weekly exercise-like classes are also offered virtually.  These include Zumba, Lymphedema Care, Body and Brain Yoga Tai Chi and more!

Classes are free of charge.  For more information, help with registration or navigating Zoom, contact Melissa Caballes at (808) 547-8138 or mcaballes@stfrancishawaii.org.  

For a complete November schedule with course descriptions and links to register, go to Free! November Caregiver Education and Wellness Classes at St. Francis


A prayerful reminder for us all…

A Caregiver’s Prayer for Divine Understanding

Living God, You are aware of every tear my loved one cries and the pain they live with daily. I can only imagine what they are experiencing, but You Lord can feel their pain and suffering. Grant me a divine understanding so I can anticipate all of their needs. A deeper understanding will also help me to love just as they are, just as You love me, unconditionally. Provide me a window into their life, Lord, so that I can serve them in the best possible way.  Amen.