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Taking Care of Yourself and Others

May 2, 2022

From the Office for Social Ministry

Blessing and Happy May Days ahead! As part of National Stroke and High Blood Pressure Awareness Month, let’s help each other reduce our stress levels through mindful mental and physical practices. Together we can strive for resilience and be able to process and overcome any challenges ahead!

By taking a few moments for yourself every day, you will be able to encourage others to do the same. Stress can be managed in different ways so it’s important to be aware of the available tools. In times of stress, self-care can be considered the opposite of being selfish. People mistakenly think seeking help and tapping into available resources is a sign of weakness.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

As we journey through the chapters of our lives, we pass on our mana’o to younger generations to model resilience and inner strength. Healthy kupuna can serve as good examples to our keiki of how to live a healthy and balanced life. If you are a caregiver to other family members, remember to care for yourself first! It is wise to open ourselves to include others who serve as healthy tools to enrich our lives. St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawaii is a great resource providing free educational and wellness opportunities for family caregivers. This month’s list of classes also offers presentations on stroke prevention, spinal cord and brain injuries from the Stroke and Neurologic Restoration Center and Pacific Disabilities Center.

To learn more about wellness and caregiver classes, see St Francis Healthcare or the OSM website.

For more on resilience visit the National Institutes of Health website. Mahalo!