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Get Informed About Child Vaccinations

June 27, 2022

From the Office for Social Ministry

For parents who have been waiting to vaccinate their keiki under 5 years old against COVID-19, this summer is the time to do it! As of June 18, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have endorsed the recommendation to make COVID-19 vaccines available for children as young as 6 months old. Free vaccines are now available across the U.S. and in Hawaii, regardless of immigration or health insurance status. The vaccine doses are adjusted based on the age of the recipient:

  • Moderna doses for age 6-months through age 5 are ¼ of the adult dose.
  • Pfizer doses for age 6-months through age 4 are 1/10 of the adult dose.

While adults are more prone to contracting the virus, children can also be infected, get sick and spread COVID-19 to others. Unlike elders and adults with compromised immunity, 1 in 3 children younger than 18 years old who were hospitalized with COVID had no underlying conditions. 

Since the start of the pandemic, national and local awareness campaigns have been providing guidance for underserved populations, safety protocols and updated information on vaccines. Currently, more than 78% of Hawaii residents are fully vaccinated. If you have any questions or concerns about vaccinating your child, please see your pediatrician or family physician. Another source of information is available on the State of Hawaii COVID-19 portal, which also includes links to vaccination sites on every island at https://hawaiicovid19.com/vaccine/

Get informed and get vaccinated! Mahalo!