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Double Your Dollars and Eat Healthy with Da Bux

July 18, 2022

From the Office for Social Ministry

Eating healthy, nutritious fruits and vegetables is part of a balanced diet; but many of our parish food pantries typically provide only non-perishable food items to families in need. While a few parishes do participate as members of the Food Bank ‘Ohana Produce Plus program or partner with local farmers, there is still a great need to provide food-insecure households with more access to local produce. Thankfully, Hawaii’s SNAP-EBT (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Electronic Benefit Transfer) recipients are able to shop at qualifying local supermarkets and get 50% off their homegrown papayas, pineapples and so much more using a special Access Card through DA BUX program.

DA BUX was introduced during the early days of the pandemic to help make local fruits and vegetables more affordable for SNAP participants. All active SNAP-EBT cardholders are eligible to apply for a Da Bux Access Card and get twice the number of fresh groceries for any given price! The program includes select food retailers on all islands where Hawaii-grown fruits and vegetables are sold. Each retailer has the discretion to designate what types of local produce will be on sale–and in some locations, poi may also be purchased with DA BUX. 

SNAP households were notified by mail last November with a listing of current retailers involved in the program. To view an updated list of locate retailers on your island in your specific community, click here. To get an Access Card for Da Bux purchases or to sign-up online, follow the steps outlined on their website. This benefit program will continue through December 27, 2022 with a possible extension into the new year, depended upon the availability of funds.