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Feeding the Hungry on All Islands

July 11, 2022

From the Office for Social Ministry

“For I was hungry, and you gave me food, thirsty and you gave me drink…” ~Matthew 25:35

As record high inflation levels are significantly driving up the cost of food, the rate of hunger and food insecurity continues to increase here in Hawaii. Thankfully, many catholic parishes in our diocese remain committed to feeding the hungry in various ways: through food pantries, community gardens, hot meal programs, and partnerships with agencies such as IHS, Hale Kau Kau, the Salvation Army and much more!  Food ministries serving large populations are able to maintain their level of output by being a member agency with their local food bank. For example, the Hawaii Foodbank serves the islands of Oahu and Kauai; the Maui Food Bank serves Maui, Molokai and Lanai; and Hawaii Food Basket serves both east and west portions of the Big Island.

Through generous donations, these food banks are able to distribute non-perishable foods, fresh produce, dairy products, and bread to parish food pantries and other charitable organizations who feed those in need. No one should ever go to bed hungry. If you know someone struggling with food insecurity, please direct them to the appropriate agency for assistance.  

The most current food distribution listings are as follows:

Hawaii Food Bank

o   Oahu                                                808-836-3600

o   Kauai                                                808-482-2224

Maui Food Bank

o   Maui, Molokai and Lanai                   808.243.9500

Hawaii Food Basket                         

o   East Hawaii                                      808-933-6030

o   West Hawaii                                     808-322-1418

For assistance with locating a food program near you, feel free to call the Office for Social Ministry at (808) 203-6702 or email itamashiro@rcchawaii.org.