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"Lent for Life" – Blessed Holy Week

April 11, 2022

From the Office for Social Ministry

We enter Holy Week with a prayerful reflection of the passion of Christ and his undying demonstration of agape love through acts of service, sacrifice and salvation. As parish communities gather on Holy Saturday to celebrate the Easter Vigil, we welcome catechumens who will be fully initiated as our newest members to the Catholic faith as well as candidates of confirmation, who are committed to being soldiers of Christ. Let us continue our vigil of prayer and “wakefulness” until Easter morning when the tomb was discovered to be empty and together we can joyfully sing, “Christ the Lord is risen today, alleluia!”     

During this Lenten Season, the CRS Rice Bowl Stories of Hope gave us glimpses into the lives of families living in far-away places who are challenged with poverty, climate change, hunger and child malnutrition.  In solidarity, we prayed, fasted, and gave alms while self-reflecting with gratitude in our hearts for big and small blessings.  By doing so, we prepared ourselves to respond with compassionate action to the needs of others ready to impact positive change. 

“The Fruit of our Lenten Sacrifice is a CRS video message of gratitude and thanks to all parishes and Rice Bowl participants. Mahalo Nui Loa and Easter Blessings one and all from the CRS Rice Bowl and Office for Social Ministry!

Please post the following in your parish bulletin, on your website or use as a Pulpit Announcement for the weekend of April 16 and 17, 2022 – Easter Sunday:


Our CRS Rice Bowl journey has ended, but our prayers, fasting and almsgiving continue as we seek a closer relationship with God and our global family.  Let us hold in our hearts our sisters and brothers in Guatemala, Bangladesh and Rwanda and commit to share our Easter joy with those in our local community and around the world.  Don’t forget, it’s not too late to turn in your CRS Rice Bowl if you haven’t already done so!

Please consider incorporating the weekly RICE BOWL PRAYER INTENTIONS in your Sunday liturgy: 


For our community, that we may continue the work we started this Lenten season helping our sisters and brothers experiencing hunger and poverty, and that we share the hope of the Resurrection with our neighbors near and far.  We pray to the Lord…