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Caring for Ourselves and Our Kupuna

September 20, 2021

From the Office for Social Ministry

In his homily on the first World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly, Pope Francis compared our kupuna to the “bread that nourishes our life . . . Let us cherish them and spend time with them. We will be the better for it.” However, it is important to realize that we can’t take care of others unless we first take care of ourselves.

Statistics indicate that older Americans are living longer lives than previous generations. So quite naturally––the longer they live, the more assistance is needed. This can pose certain challenges to family members, especially those who assume the responsibility of caregiver. Caregivers oftentimes neglect their own need for respite and support. That’s why St. Francis Healthcare is offering free monthly Caregiver Education and Wellness classes for those seeking ways to alleviate stress and restore balance in their lives. Most sessions are conducted virtually online, although a few may be in-person with a restricted number of participants adhering to all State and County COVID restrictions. Scan the QR code on the link above for a full list of classes and to register. Classes encompass such topics as Exercise, Crafts, Managing Conflict with Family Members, Elder Law matters (Trusts, Wills, Power of Attorney, Medical Decision Making, etc.) and more.

As a Caregiver, why is respite important?

  1. It allows you to keep working either part or full-time.
  2. It helps you to care for your own physical and emotional health.
  3. It allows you time to stay connected to family and friends
  4. It gives you time to do things that you enjoy.

Taking good care of yourself enables you to take good care of your senior loved one. Sign-up today!