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Holy Family Early Learning Center to Merge with Holy Family Catholic Academy

March 19, 2021

By Suzanne Carlos, Development Coordinator
Holy Family Catholic Academy and Early Learning Center

Strategic Plan Unites their Administration, Faculty, Facilities and Resources under One Educational Institution

Holy Family Early Learning Center (ELC) will be fully integrated into Holy Family Catholic Academy (HFCA), effective July 1, 2021. With this merger, HFCA will become a preschool (accepting students as young as 2 years and 10 months) through grade 8 co-ed, parochial school. Just a few of the many efficiencies that will be realized by uniting these two schools into one institution include:

  • Better Brand Recognition:  one school with one name--Holy Family Catholic Academy, one logo, one tagline, one mission, one vision, and one brand promise
  • Successful Preschool to Kindergarten Transition for Teachers, Students and their Families:  through alignment of standards, curricula, instruction and assessments, students will seamlessly move from preschool to kindergarten--creating a continuum of learning that builds on the previous year
  • Streamlined Accounting:  one set of complete accounting records that allow for clear financial analysis and decision-making
  • Faculty/Staff Job Security:  as one institution, faculty and staff will have more options for movement and reassignment as personnel needs change from year to year
  • Student Life Activities and Celebrations:  preschool students will participate in more school wide activities with their kindergarten through 8th grade classmates including monthly Mass, Fall Fest, Christmas Pageant, Catholic Schools Week, Kids Heart Challenge, May Day, etc.
  • Facilities Management:  streamlined decision-making based on needs and budget of one institution vs. two
  • Curricula, Technology and Materials:  seamless continuum of curricula and technology; combined purchasing power of one institution
  • Streamlined Parent Communications:  one school with one method of communicating with parent community
  • Stronger Enrollment and Student Retention:  one admissions director/office to assist prospective families with enrollment; enhance student retention at the preschool to kindergarten transition period
  • Professional Development:  faculty and staff will utilize one comprehensive professional development plan to strengthen their skills and improve student outcomes
  • Great Timing: the ELC is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary, and the Academy will celebrate its 65th anniversary next school year = the perfect time to launch this integration to honor the legacy of both schools

The Superintendent of Hawaii Catholic Schools, Dr. Llewellyn Young, is in full support of the integration initiative, as HFCA moves forward with the blessing of the Diocese of Honolulu. School administration and faculty look very forward to beginning next school year as one united educational institution--Holy Family Catholic Academy.