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"Lent for Life" Week Five – CRS Rice Bowl Stories of Hope

March 15, 2021

From the Office for Social Ministry

Fifth Week of Lent: The Fruit of our Lenten Sacrifice

“For I was hungry and you gave me food” (Matthew 25:35)

Our Lenten journey this week returns our attention once again to Madagascar, an East African country where 50% of its children are undernourished. Poor nutrition can often lead to devastating long-term consequences for individuals, communities and entire countries. That’s why communities must work together to ensure that everyone, especially young children have access to better food and nutrition.

Through Lenten Week #5 Catholic Relief Services Stories of Hope, we meet a young woman named Amiee, who has worked hard to grow fresh produce to feed her family. But climate change and severe droughts have made it difficult for many families in Madagascar to harvest enough nutritious food. Thankfully, with training and support from CRS Rice Bowl and other community members, farmers like Aimee are now learning new techniques to grow different vegetables and cook healthier meals that are more nutritious and sustainable.

Amiee is now enjoying the fruits of her labor and sees a positive difference in both her children and in herself. “When I see flowers or the greens or when I see the first seeds sprouting,” she says, “it’s like I’ve transferred a kind of power from my hands to the plants. That makes me happy.”

This week, may we reflect on our own food sources and ask ourselves:

  • How can I work together in community for the good of others?

Our call to be in solidarity with Aimee and other families in her village further emphasizes the importance of sustainability and Caring for God’s Creation.  To view Aimee’s Story of Hope from Madagascar, visit the CRS website and be sure to reference WEEK 5 of your Rice Bowl Calendar

For more on CRS Rice Bowl in Hawaii, go to www.officeforsocialministry.org