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Current Diocesan Guidelines for COVID-19 Response

June 7, 2021

From the Diocesan Covid-19 Response Team

We are grateful for all the sacrifices and efforts you have made to keep our faith communities safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Although restrictions are beginning to ease, the State’s re-opening has been an evolving process with numerous changes and ongoing updates which often differ from county to county. We are continuing to monitor the situation closely and will provide updates to our current policies as official information becomes available to us.

Until further notice, please continue to follow the current diocesan guidelines including:

  • staying home if sick;
  • maintaining appropriate physical distancing, capacity restrictions & sanitation protocols;
  • and the use of face coverings.

While we are all anxious to return to "normal," we recognize that life as we knew it pre-pandemic has fundamentally changed. Whenever the State allows a full reopening, we will respond with gratitude and joy, but also responsibly, keeping in mind the continued safety of all our faithful.

Updates are posted online at the diocesan COVID-19 Resource page: https://www.catholichawaii.org/resource-center/covid-19-response/

Diocesan Covid-19 Response Team:
Dcn. Keith Cabiles, Chancellor
Lisa Gomes, Youth and Young Adult Ministries
Fr. Alfred Guerrero, Office of Worship
Jayne Mondoy, Office of Faith Formation
Dara Perreira, Human Resources
Dr. Llewelyn Young, Hawai’i Catholic Schools