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Hawaii on COVID-19 Alert – Get Vaccinated Now

August 30, 2021

From the Office for Social Ministry

For the first time since the pandemic began, Hawaii has become a hot spot for very-high risk levels of COVID-19 infections. The state reported unprecedented single-day record highs this weekend with 1035 new cases and 9 coronavirus-related deaths on Friday. Positivity rates that once averaged 1.5%, have now jumped to  over 8% across the state! Now it is more important than ever to increase personal safety protocols and to get vaccinated if you haven’t already done so.

About 74% of the population has already received at least one dose of the vaccines. However, the State Department of Health urges all individuals who may have been exposed to the virus to get tested immediately, regardless of whether they’ve been vaccinated or not. Finding a free COVID-19 test site is easy and convenient by just following this link.

Other free testing sites accept walk-in or online appointments by visiting the following links:

If you receive a POSTIIVE test result, please self-quarantine and contact your Primary Care Physician right away. For more information on isolation and safety procedures, click on the following documents:

For those who do not speak English, the Department of Health provides the same guidance documents translated in different languages.  Be sure to share these translated materials with parishioners whose first language is not English. Please continue to remain vigilant with safety protocols at work, in school, in the marketplace, at church and in your home. Familiarize yourself with the documents included in this ENEWS and keep informed. 

Several of our parishes are already joining in the effort by serving as vaccination sites on designated dates. If you know of people who have been hesitant to get vaccinated, please encourage them to book an appointment TODAY, especially since the FDA recently granted full approval of the Pfizer vaccine. Please share the beautiful message by Pope Francis and some Latin American Bishops who advocate the equitable distribution of vaccines for all people: “Getting vaccinated is an act of love for all, especially for the most vulnerable…this moral responsibility is an act of love for the whole community…each individual makes a small act of charity . . . every gesture added together can transform the world.”