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Rent and Utility Relief Available Now

August 23, 2021

From the Office for Social Ministry

If you are among the many households in Hawaii struggling to pay rent and utilities each month, now is the time to be proactive! Although the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has extended the moratorium on evictions, protection is more likely to be approved for those who have applied for financial assistance. Please contact the rental assistance program on your island as soon as possible so you can receive help right away. For landlords who are also feeling the ripple effect of financial instability from not receiving rental payments, please check the state’s Landlord Resource Guide for more information about your rights. Take action today to get the relief youÊ»re looking for! Below is the current list of EMERGENCY RENTAL ASSISTANCE Programs per the Governor’s Coordinator on Homelessness and their Statewide Homeless Initiative. Follow each link for more information:

OAHU - Rental & Utility Relief Program — One Oahu  

MAUI COUNTY - Maui County Emergency Rental Assistance Program
Catholic Charities Help Line for Maui County - (808) 873-4673.

KAUAI - Kaua‘i Rental and Utility Assistance Program.For direct assistance, contact the intake specialist at (808) 482-3777.

HAWAII ISLAND - Hawaii County Emergency Rental Assistance

Additional statewide rental and utility assistance programs:

  1. DHHL COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program
  2. Native Hawaiian Rent and Utilities Assistance Program

If you do not qualify for the programs listed above, other organizations, some serving specific populations, are as follows:


Catholic Charities Hawaii

(808) 873-7643

Family Life Center

(808) 877-0880

Maui Economic Opportunity

(808) 249-2970

Ka Hale A Keola

(808) 242-7600


Catholic Charities Hawaii

(808) 241-4673

Family Life Center

(808) 212-0850


Catholic Charities Hawaii

(808) 961-7050

Hope Services HI

(808) 935-3050


Catholic Charities Hawaii

(808) 521-4357

Kalihi-Palama Health Center

(808) 792-4518

Waimanalo Health Center

(808) 954-7126

The Salvation Army

(808) 800-4333

Gregory House Programs

(808) 591-9022

Alternative Structures Intl.

(808) 940-1238

Institute for Human Services

(808) 447-2800

U.S. Vets

(808) 384-7422


For more COVID-19 resources or questions regarding the agencies listed above, go to https://officeforsocialministry.org/covid-19/  You can also reach the Office for Social Ministry at (808) 203-6702 or email itamashiro@rcchawaii.org.