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Covid-19 Update for August 2021

August 13, 2021

To: All Pastors and Parishioners
From: Covid-19 Task Force
Subject: August 2021 Covid-19 Update

Dear clergy and parishioners,

Governor Ige’s August 10, 2021 Executive Order 21-05 did not change any restrictions for spiritual services of the Catholic Church. Please remain true to your 6’ distancing, indoor mask mandates and all mitigation efforts.

However, the reinstatement of lower limits for indoor and outdoor social gatherings do apply. The limit for indoor gatherings has returned to 10 people. Outdoor gatherings are limited to 25 people.

If you have an upcoming event that will exceed the expressed limits, we strongly urge you to submit your mitigation plans to county officials via their website. Please also send your plans to the diocese at covid@rcchawaii.org. Social gathering restrictions apply to all events.

Hawaii County “Event Request” (maximum of 50 persons)

Honolulu County Guidance (events for 50+ persons)

Kauai County “Professionally Organized Events” (events for 50+ persons)

Maui County
Follow current Maui county rules on use of indoor/outdoor spaces. https://www.mauicounty.gov/DocumentCenter/View/125111/COM_Public-Health-Emergency-Rules?bidId=

All other directives that were expressed in our recent July 16, 2021 memo and the August 5, 2021 Faith Formation Guidelines memo are still in effect. Again, we continue to rely on the integrity of our pastors, parish leaders and all our faithful to consider the safety of our communities with continued urgency and attention.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Please note that while the Diocese of Honolulu has not required anyone, including employees, to be vaccinated, vaccinations are highly encouraged. Pope Francis has made it clear that being vaccinated can be an act of charity toward the community in order to curtail the spread of the virus. While individuals may have differing opinions for medical or moral reasons, as of this memo, dated August 13, 2021, the Diocese of Honolulu will not be granting religious exemptions from vaccine mandates imposed by others.

Thank you for your patience and diligence. Please feel free to contact the Covid-19 Task Force with any concerns or questions.

Dcn. Keith Cabiles, Chair: kcabiles@rcchawaii.org
Lisa Gomes, Office of Youth and Young Adults: lgomes@rcchawaii.org
Fr. Alfred Guerrero, Office of Worship: alguerrero@rcchawaii.org
Jayne Mondoy, Religious Education/Adult Faith Formation Director: jmondoy@rcchawaii.org
Dara Perreira, Human Resources Director: dperreira@rcchawaii.org

PDF version of the memo available HERE.