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Rent Relief & Housing Assistance Available for those in Hawaii Affected by Covid-19 Crisis

September 8, 2020

From the Office for Social Ministry

While some residents may be struggling to follow “Stay at Home” orders across the state, there are many others who are literally fighting just to stay in the homes they already have. If you are financially struggling to cover rent or mortgage payments during this COVID-19 pandemic, it is likely Catholic Charities Hawaii may be able to help! Through a partnership with the state’s Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation, the agency is hoping to distribute $30 million of CARES Act Funds for eligible tenants in need by the end of the year.

Even those who have never received government assistance may be able to qualify by simply calling the Catholic Charities hotline at 808-521-HELP or the neighbor island contact numbers found here.  Applicants may be able to receive up to $2000 a month for rental or mortgage assistance on Oahu, and up to $1500 a month for neighbor island residents.

Below are some of the basic eligibility requirements to apply:

  • Full-time Hawaii residents
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Demonstrated loss of income directly resulting from the COVID19 pandemic
  • Current household gross income must not exceed 100% AMI (Area Median Income)

For more information, visit the Catholic Charities website on Coronavirus Rental Assistance or the state’s website on Rent Relief & Housing Assistance. You may also email questions to: COVID19help@catholiccharitieshawaii.org

We urge you to collect all  REQUIRED DOCUMENTS BEFORE submitting the application including:

  • Valid Government issued ID for Main Applicant
  • Social Security Card for ALL adults (or valid Government ID if you do not have a SSN#)
  • Documentation of loss of income due to COVID19 (employment layoff/furlough letter, closure, etc.)
  • For all working adults: 2 most current paystubs from application date
  • Proof of any other income (social security, disability, welfare, etc.)
  • Valid Lease/Rental Agreement/Mortgage statement

Please note that Aloha United Way is also accepting applications as well as HOPE Services Hawaii on the Big Island. So if you have already applied with either AUW or HOPE, please stay with that agency. If you have not yet applied, we encourage you to start with a call to 808-521-HELP.  May we all be blessed to continue STAYING SAFE and HEALTHY in our own HOMES! For additional information on COVID-19 resources for food, housing, keiki and kupuna care, please visit the OSM website. Mahalo!